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Claim Architektur Palais Kolle Belle
Living with unmistakable style

Just how diverse the cityscapes and values of the urban people are reflected can be seen in the European metropolises. Be it around the cathedral square of Milan, the Rue Montmartre in Paris or Berlin’s Kollwitzplatz.
  The dense coexistence of different ways of life is reflected by an architecture which preserves traditions while simultaneously experimenting with the ranges of modern life. As part of the historically characterised Kollwitz quarter, where the most varying lifestyles exist harmoniously side-by-side, Palais KolleBelle offers living concepts for a number of target groups, from the single person to large families. The new residential ensemble aims to put a new interpretation on the unique mix of Berlin’s nonchalance, ambiance and Parisian flair that makes the quarter one of the most desired addresses in Berlin. This means historical elements such as patios, bowfronts, French balconies, corbels and decorative paintwork are combined playfully in the facade design. A French-style inner courtyard garden with well-tended lawns, small hedges, areas of flowers and trees creates a balancing element for the urban hustle around Kollwitzplatz. This means that Palais KolleBelle offers its residents – the players who experience and vitalise its premises – a stage in keeping with a sensual surrounding and a special home. Sketches by Marc Kocher

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