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Savoir-vivre around Kollwitzplatz

“In the café, it’s a little like in the cinema: the world passes you by,” writes Etel Adnan about Paris. “It is all about sensuality, melancholy and joy in the here and now.”

Etel Adnan, Paris, When It’s Naked.
Savoir vivre
  Those who think that this romantic attitude to life only describes Paris haven’t encountered Kollwitzplatz yet. Around the heart of the Prenzlauer Berg district, a cosmos unfolds creating a magic that no-one can avoid.

The flair that made Paris into a legend in the 1920s – it lives on here: in the cobble-stoned streets lined with sycamore trees, the houses renovated true to form with their wrought-iron balconies and the many cosy cafés and independent shops which seduce you to meander and relax. But only a few businesses open before 11 am on Kollwitzplatz. At this time, people are still sitting enjoying breakfast in the street cafés. The area becomes alive as kindergarten ends in the afternoons, when mothers and fathers cycle home with their offspring, stopping off for a chat on the large central playground. And as dusk settles, the warm, yellow light of the old Berlin streetlamps casts a glow of enchantment on this setting full of the joys of life. The ideal stage for savoir vivre, flirting and whole-hearted spirits – it’s open to anyone.